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From our rich past, an exquisite present

Grayshott Pottery, established in 1956, has always been associated with art. We emerged from the old Kingwood Pottery in Brook, with connections to Compton Pottery, which was started by Mary Watts, wife of the great Victorian painter, G. F. Watts.

From producing ceramic giftware for London stores and gift shops, we now create exclusive studio art ceramics for galleries and homes around the UK. Under our Surrey Ceramics brand, we make bespoke ceramics for celebrity chefs and catering ware for many national high street pubs and restaurants. We pride ourselves on being run as an Employee Benefit Trust, which gives all our staff a direct, personal share in the business and its success.

An innovative and exciting development for us was the acquisition of Dartington Pottery in 2005, when they ceased trading in Devon. This enabled us to transfer a set of new skills using high fired reduction glazes to achieve stunning vibrant hand painted finishes.

About Grayshott Pottery