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Brighten up your kitchen with our collection of unique mugs

Coffee always tastes great out of your favourite mug. But it tastes even better out of a ceramic mug from Grayshott Pottery. Lovingly designed and beautifully hand crafted at our pottery in Surrey, our range of unique mugs are unlike your everyday drinkware.

Available in a range of different shapes and sizes, our collection of ceramic mugs includes something for everyone. Check out our ‘Breeze’ mugs carefully designed for those who prefer a modern look or our ‘Soho’ mugs collection, perfect for those who favour something more traditional. Whatever your preference and whoever the mug is for, you’re bound to fall in love with something in our range of unique mugs.

What sets our ceramic mugs apart from the rest is the nature in which each product is created. At Grayshott Pottery, we don’t use a production line. Instead, each ceramic coffee mug is carefully handmade, with every glaze and finish being applied by hand. This way, we can ensure perfection in everything we create, and a faulty product will never slip through the net.

Please note that as with everything that is handmade, the colour and positioning of the design on our unique mugs can slightly differ from time to time. Where specified, our ceramic mugs are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe but please make sure you check the details of the specific product before using in each of these cases.

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