Ceramic Table Lamps

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Unusual Table Lamps to Brighten Your Home

Brighten your home with a beautifully unique, ceramic table lamp from Grayshott Pottery. Unlike your everyday lamps, our unusual table lamps are sure to give your home a ‘wow’ factor and impress your guests.

The great thing about our lamps is that they make great gifts too. Whether a gift for Mother’s Day, or a treat for a special birthday, the lucky recipient is sure to be blown away with a gift that is so unique.

Each of our ceramic table lamps come as part of a wider Dartington collection. Hand painted to ensure uniqueness, our Dartington pottery lamps offer a combination of original and timeless designs and are signed and stamped by the artists with a pride of craftsmanship.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find something you’ll love in our range of unusual table lamps. If you’re fond of nature, why not try our ‘Monarch Conical Lamp’? Alternatively, if you’re a keen bird watcher, you’re bound to love our ‘Blue Tit Conical Lamp’.

Each one of our ceramic table lamps comes as part of a special edition or limited edition set, which means you’ll be one of only a lucky few to own one of the stunning Dartington pottery lamps.

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