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The perfect 9th wedding anniversary gift

Are you soon to be celebrating your 9th wedding anniversary? Or perhaps a close friend or family member is celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary? Either way, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the occasion, we’ve put together a guide to give you some gift buying inspiration.

Although leather is quickly becoming a popular choice for 9th wedding anniversaries, did you know it’s traditionally pottery and willow gifts which are given to celebrate the occasion? As such, we’ve put together some unique pottery 9th wedding anniversary gift ideas; suitable for both him and her.

Your 9th wedding anniversary gift buying guide:

Pottery Tableware

If you’re still using the tableware which was gifted to you on your wedding day, chances are it’s looking slightly tired, chipped and perhaps even missing a piece or two. As such, why not treat yourself and your partner to a new ceramic tableware set to celebrate your 9th wedding anniversary? The beautiful pottery 'Soho' tableware set is amongst our favourites, but you can browse more ceramic tableware choices here.

Perhaps your friend who is soon to celebrate her wedding anniversary enjoys hosting dinner parties? Then there’s no doubt a new pottery tableware set would make the perfect 9th wedding anniversary gift for her and her partner.

ceramic tableware

Pottery Statement Pieces

Nothing says ‘happy 9th wedding anniversary’ like a statement pottery piece. Whether the gift is for your partner, a friend or a family member; a statement piece is the perfect gift for those who love interior design, quirky items or are simply house proud.

At Grayshott Pottery we have a huge range of pottery statement pieces including vases, lamps, platters and jugs. Each statement piece has been lovingly hand decorated, often coming as part of a limited edition, and not only make great decorative pieces for the home, but great heirlooms too.

To browse our shop for the perfect 9th wedding anniversary gift and statement piece, click here.

Pottery statement pieces

Pottery Tea Set

It’s common knowledge that tea tastes better out of a tea pot, so if the special couple are tea lovers, why not treat them to their very own ceramic tea set? The perfect pottery gift to celebrate a 9th wedding anniversary, a tea set is something the couple will be able to enjoy every day.

At Grayshott Pottery we have a range of everyday teapots as well as special, hand painted Dartington tea pots – all of which matching cups can be purchased for. Our favourites include the beautiful ‘Cornflower teapot’ as well as the ‘Halo teapot’.

You can view our full range of teapots here and our range of cups and saucers here.

Pottery tea set

Pottery Cookware

If the recipient is a cooking fanatic or simply likes to dabble in the kitchen, perhaps some ceramic cookware would make the perfect 9th wedding anniversary gift? Practical and fitting, a ceramic cooking dish is sure to impress the special couple.

At Grayshott Pottery, we have a range of beautiful ceramic cookware dishes which are unlike your everyday cookware. We particularly love the ‘Nirvana serving dish’ as pictured below, but you can view much more just like this, here.

Pottery cookware

Didn’t find what you were looking for in this guide? Why not browse our wedding gifts page, full of ideas which also make great gifts for wedding anniversaries too? Alternatively, browse our entire shop to find the perfect pottery gift.

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