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Your chance to discover how we do, what we do best.

Take our free ‘Journey of the Clay’ tour; an education and an inspirational insight into where and how our creations come to life.

Step into our working pottery. We’ll show you how huge chunks of grey clay make their way through both age-old and contemporary workshop processes. We’ll reveal the secrets of fettling, slip casting and jollying, and demonstrate the steady hand required to ‘throw’ clay and the craft needed to apply layers of glaze or wax to create outstanding works of art.

A fantastic and unique day out to see a great British pottery in action, while enjoying a tasty lunch in the Kiln Café and seeing the finished masterpieces in our beautiful Emporium.

All schools, colleges and any interested groups are most welcome.

Tour information:

  • Due to COVID-19 we are unable to offer tours until further notice